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THE HOME | Lazy Susan Cabinet Clean Out | UpLiftingHome Sticky mess as I clean out the Lazy Susan.

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    Popular Comments:

Rebecca Stack . 2018-01-05
My cabinet looks just like yours did! Thanks for the inspiration to clean it out!
121 2 . Reply
s cardis . 2017-08-15
Something must have dripped then stuck to the shelf liner. I used round placemats from dollar store then cut to fit around pole in center.
121 2 . Reply
s cardis . 2017-08-15
Magic eraser will do it
121 2 . Reply
Betty Houk . 2017-03-16
P.S. I really like your decorations in your home.:)
121 2 . Reply
Betty Houk . 2017-03-16
You are so right! I am 80 years old and I have decided that I will do as I please as long as I harm no one .and I get a lot of things done in my home in Around 2-3 a.m. in my p.j.s . I am a morning person so My day seems to begin around that time. :) lol :)
121 2 . Reply
Betty Houk . 2017-03-15
I love my p j s, and I don't care if anyone else does or don't. My house ,, kitchen ,my time.
121 2 . Reply
Catherine3385 . 2016-11-17
And the stuff stayed on the counter forever after

lol hope you figured it out
121 2 . Reply
sewbeeit3 . 2016-03-02
Can't find part 2. Would love to see!
121 2 . Reply
S & J ActiveVideos . 2015-11-18
Jenni love's her PJ days.. And she sure does have a lot of them. :-)
Enjoyed the video..
Take care...
121 2 . Reply
Anne Charley . 2015-11-18
PJ's are just another version of very comfy house clothes - I definitely dress very comfy for days at home - it makes chores so much easier. I love your clothes rack - I never saw one like that before - did your hubby make it for you? I have an old fashioned pull up/down one that hangs from the ceiling. It does a great job, but is pretty heavy and clumsy to wind up and down as the wooden slats are held together at each end by what I think is Victorian/Edwardian iron brackets. They look nice, but with that kind of household appliance no wonder women used to be slimmer and stronger! Raising it when it's loaded up with heavy wet washing definitely works those muscles! I use it a lot in the worst winter months, then dry outside the rest of the year. For outside I like to use portable airers, so I can bring them back in quickly if there's a shower and the washing can stay on them inside. Tumble dryers are not so common here - I have a small one for emergencies, but rarely use it. As for your lazy Susan shelves, I would only use them for items that cannot make any mess - having to clean out a split bag of rice/flour/something sticky etc from that dark, awkward corner would be so much trickier than the average cupboard.
121 2 . Reply
jjmissmam . 2015-11-18
PJ days are the best! Looking forward to part 2.
121 2 . Reply
MaryEllen After 60 . 2015-11-17
Look forward to part two. I have two corner cabinets like that, so I'm interested in how you arrange your items. My best work is done in my pajamas. Thank you, Carol. Blessings, prayers, and peace..MaryEllen
121 2 . Reply
LivingEclectic . 2015-11-17
oh I love my house
I wish I had a corner shelf like this! So handy!
121 2 . Reply
HelpMamaRemote . 2015-11-17
I'm all for PJ days. I get that sticky stuff in my cabinet too. i think mines come from items with oils in them
121 2 . Reply
This Housewife . 2015-11-17
Hey Carol, be comfy sweetie. The reason I never show myself on camera is because I refuse to wear clothes at home unless I have company....my house would look a mess if I had to run it in clothes. ..and don't even get me started on my..... "Gospel Against The Brasserie At Home"....I really enjoyed this video.... love you.... thanks for sharing😆
121 2 . Reply
Our Thrifted Home . 2015-11-17
I completely agree! What are clothes anyways?! I hate clothing! I'd run around completely naked if I could! Go ahead and run your home the way you see fit no apologizing necessary! Lol!😂
121 2 . Reply
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