Corsair 280X Micro-ATX Case Review (ft. Mini-ITX Parts)

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We filmed this before Computex, but made revisions since home. This is our Corsair 280X Micro-ATX case review, featuring mini-ITX test parts.
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This video reviews the Corsair Crystal 280X case, a micro-ATX/mini-ITX box that goes for a compartmentalized layout, tempered glass, and very 'structural' aesthetic. The enclosure doesn't fit properly into the Small Form Factor category and isn't much smaller than a mid-tower, but does target an extremely niche audience for mATX boxes of higher price points. In this review, we talk about overall quality of the Corsair 280X, airflow, ease-of-installation features, and whether or not it's worth it.

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Host, Test Lead: Steve Burke
Editorial, Testing: Patrick Lathan
Video: Andrew Coleman

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Gamers Nexus . 2018-06-25
You should also check out our "Flawed Products at Computex" video, ft. Linus! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uls6aeqXWBM
Review article: https://www.gamersnexus.net/hwreviews/3327-corsair-crystal-280x-case-review
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121 2 . Reply
Dauragin . 2020-02-21
I like this case. I just added some modifications to it to improve airflow. I added 3/4" feet and two fans on the bottom for intake which helps the restrictive front panel glass for intake, and I added plastic washers for the top panel, which gave it a 17mm clearance. It improved airflow overall. I wish they would've just shipped it like that though so I didn't have to go throught the trouble of finding case feet and washers. I really love the look of the case though.
121 2 . Reply
Omar Ahmed . 2020-02-13
anyone gotten a triple fan card like the gaming x trio to fit in this case?
121 2 . Reply
TimX12 . 2020-01-25
Can everything inside this PC https://youtu.be/fyJL2hO9-TY go into that Corsair case?
121 2 . Reply
Richard . 2020-01-10
Does this come with rgb pro controller and the hub? i cant find anywhere the full accessory list. sucks
121 2 . Reply
dragonld123 . 2020-01-07
I am planning to buy the normal ver of 280x(without RGB fans) and also buy Thermaltake Riing Plus 14 set (3 fans) its almost the same price but having 3 x 140 RGB ring fans.
Corsair LL120 Static Pressure 1.61 Fan Airflow 43.25 CFM
TT Riing Plus 14 Static Pressure 1.53 Fan Airflow 63.19 CFM
121 2 . Reply
Oscar S . 2020-01-05
Nice edit at 7:20
121 2 . Reply
Omie11 . 2019-11-30
What PSU should I get for this case?
121 2 . Reply
Neptune Vibe . 2019-11-20
Grounding wrist strap. Guys, guys, I'm almost 40.. I worked with computers many many years. I was assembling computers on orders. Our company signed contracts with big institutions, when we made deliveries we delivered like 30 pc's at once and so on. All of them were made most likely by me and a colleague of mine. This static electricity is pure bullshit. Is a fucking scam! I never used any kind of ground and more than this I remember one winter I was full of clothing and also static electricity. Well I hate the sensation when you don't pay attention and you feel instantly an electric shock. Is scaring me. However I was working building up some computers and I was discharging through the components (any pcb, didn't count) not to be surprised by a shock later. Never had a problem. So.. I repeat NEVER HAD a problem. Stop using those crappy shitty things. They are just a scam and they limit your movement. Is like having a leash.
121 2 . Reply
Neptune Vibe . 2019-11-20
Man that's ugly as fuck. I go NZXT because is waaaaaaaaaaay better looking.
121 2 . Reply
E.L. Crisler . 2019-11-16
Been using this case for over a year for a demo rig. They system is an airflow design with a Wraith prism for the CPU and then currently using our Sapphire Nitro+ 5700XT for GPU.

I built the system using dual 140mm intake fans on the front with a 140mm in the bottom rear for the GPU and the top rear for exhaust.

I am having no trouble keeping the rig cool and quiet under gaming loads. I agree with the feet needing more clearance so I put 3D printed lifters on the feet to lift it to about 1". The top panel should be higher, I am looking at an acrylic replacement panel that I will cut slits into for design and air flow. The front panel surprisingly is not an issue at all. The (facing) left and bottom mount areas have decent open space and the top and right side are 100% open space. While not as smooth of air flow as a grill design this is way better than most solid front cases for air flow.

The case si small enough to make travel with it easy and looks amazing with some lighting and great for showing off hardware.
121 2 . Reply
Zeref Dragneel . 2019-11-10
this case cost around 120$ nowdays at my place..too expensive for me..ahahah
121 2 . Reply
Alex Herskovits . 2019-11-02
Can this fit an ATX motherboard like the MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX
121 2 . Reply
Tomasz Pankowski . 2019-10-07
0:08 Which ATX boards does this case fit? Aren't all ATX boards 305x244mm?
121 2 . Reply
A G . 2019-09-04
I just completed a build in this case and really appreciated the video. I went with a four intake and two exhaust with radiator setup and the clearance in the bottom ended up having a pretty small impact on cooling. Two to three degrees was the difference with identical case fan speeds and settings on my Corsair H115i Pro when I elevated the case for an extra inch of clearance. The part that really makes a difference is that top glass. I was shocked with what an insulator that top glass is. My 9700K was hitting 82 degrees under full load, removing that top glass and running the stress test had temps drop to 72 degrees under load. I was shocked at what a difference that made. I will keep the top glass off when gaming or doing anything that stresses the CPU.
121 2 . Reply
Roberto Tomás . 2019-09-01
seems like half of an awesome case. 1. optional feet. 2. optional mesh instead of glass. 3. revised fasteners. 4. usb-type c / qi charger top surface
121 2 . Reply
Sulphurous . 2019-08-17
I'm going to buy this and stick my R9 280X in it!
121 2 . Reply
De ViceCrimsin . 2019-07-10
If this could also support full ATX it would be perfect. Minus a few personal preferences I would mod for.
121 2 . Reply
Chris . 2019-06-26
how do you put a fan on the side panel? does it go inside the case of on the side?
121 2 . Reply
Michael . 2019-06-22
I love the style of these cases
121 2 . Reply
free thinker . 2019-06-22
for the rubber mounted glass . usually they sell rubber washer of any size
121 2 . Reply
Stephen Phillips . 2019-06-12
Is the 280x good for portability?
121 2 . Reply
Adjodha B . 2019-06-08
Planning on putting an X399M taichi with a 2950x in this case soon. Hope my air cooling options works well to keep the components cool.
121 2 . Reply
Bryan Burman . 2019-06-07
Just picked one up for my very first build. Very nice. Not sure why I haven't done this before considering I've been around tech all of my life. Can't wait to do a little more research and add the components.
121 2 . Reply
Butch . 2019-04-20
121 2 . Reply
Finraziel . 2019-04-14
Jeez I'm halfway through the video and it seems all you're doing is whining about the fact that you don't have an mATX board to test with?! Also constantly calling it an mitx case which it's NOT... and yeah your test hardware looks ridiculous in this case.
121 2 . Reply
Alex zero . 2019-04-02
Can u fit a normal atx mother board
121 2 . Reply
ExtraGlutenPlz . 2019-03-31
The problem is.....people like me, who have mini itx mobo but a gpu that's massive (2080ti strix)....we are limited with decent looking options that will provide enough airflow (let alone even fit the gpu). We can choose a bigger case but it would look like a hot dog in a hallway with a mini itx mobo and empty pci-e slots. We essentially are tied down to a core P3 open case variant in these instances.
121 2 . Reply
warhorse17 . 2019-03-02
Your paper towel roll is backwards.
121 2 . Reply
CYCO274 . 2019-02-14
Must have been developed at Event Horizon, where air actually does pass through glass.
121 2 . Reply
Aaron Lowe . 2019-01-13
This told me nothing I really wanted to know about the case... :T 16 fucking minutes talking about thermals for hardware you chose.. I just want to hear about fan placement, cable management, hard drive placement and clean-ness of the build. ugh.
121 2 . Reply
All Tim . 2019-01-12
They should e made 2 of these. 1 matx and 1 itx. I would’ve loved an itx version that’s 2/3 the size or smaller
121 2 . Reply
mangoKush12 . 2018-12-23
why would anyone use this case for a mini-itx build
121 2 . Reply
Source Pyre . 2018-12-20
I LOVE my ITX build on this case. Not for small size but for display of RGB vomit all over my room alongside decent water cooling🙃
121 2 . Reply
Dylan Lamberson . 2018-12-07
i even take the top glass of while gaming. this case runs hot. thinking about ways i could get this setup cooler with out taking off all the glass.
121 2 . Reply
Nathan Barrett . 2018-12-02
why did your fan come one on front and one on top when mine came with both on the front lol
121 2 . Reply
Nurgle Rider . 2018-11-27
Normally you guys do solid reviews with well thought out testing. Not in this case though, it seemed like a rushed, half-ass job and not even addressing the core design (i.e. it's an mATX not mITX case). Repeatedly stating how you should remove the top filter but then do most of the thermal tests with it in place and hint that the numbers would be better with it out. I get time constraints are a thing but rushing results in a much lower quality review than your norm.
121 2 . Reply
Zane Alex . 2018-11-26
Does anyone know how to install a SSD in this?
121 2 . Reply
Big Dee . 2018-11-26
this case is trash....if you guy are planning to buy this case. Note: it really hot due to failed air flow.
121 2 . Reply
Earvin Claros . 2018-11-09
can an MSI DUKE 1070ti fit in this case ?
121 2 . Reply
TJ Rooger . 2018-11-03
Thanks Steve. Just ordered one of these from NewEgg for $59.99 (after MiR). This review was the difference maker.
121 2 . Reply
frostedy0 . 2018-10-30
ATX fits right ?
121 2 . Reply
Luke Gino . 2018-10-26
I have this. It's beautiful. Mine is white too. When it's on with all the bits and bobs it is a thing of beauty. I am a PC noob. It made me happy.
121 2 . Reply
Miles Prebble . 2018-10-05
Not really sure what the purpose of this video is seeing as you can't even test it with the hardware that it was designed to hold? If you had kitted this thing out with an M-ATX Z370 and a couple of 1080ti cards it'd look a damn sight different. Also I get that you are reviewing this thing and the build was slapped together but come on you guys need to sort your cable management out and take some pride in your videos. Other review channels have no issue reviewing these types of cases with their inventory.
121 2 . Reply
Albert Calinescu . 2018-10-02
Do you have a review of the Corsair Air 240 case ? :(
I find it a lot cutter than this one, but cant find some good thermal reviews, just builds :(
121 2 . Reply
Xattr . 2018-09-30
I just built a PC with this case. R7 2700, rx580, MSI B450 Mortar Titanium, 4x ML120 and 2x ML140 Pro fans, Corsair H100x. Its all Black&White style, White LEDs, etc. Im coming from ITX and tought I get something "bigger" xD Best case I ever had, I love it and it looks classy.
121 2 . Reply
thomass . 2018-09-06
"Corsair decided to release... this..."
121 2 . Reply
Shigekazu . 2018-08-31
Can you put a normal ATX PSU in it?
121 2 . Reply
TragestyX . 2018-08-20
Does this case seem kind of large? I'm torn between this and the Inwin A1.
121 2 . Reply
chopsticks . 2018-08-14
I have the 380t which has less volume and almost the same external dimensions :/
121 2 . Reply